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@X Bird


Presale Round

1st round. 9/25

500,000,000 XBD

2nd round. 10/19

500,000,000 XBD

3rd round 11/15

500,000,000 XBD

4rd round 12/12

500,000,000 XBD

Final round 1/4

500,000,000 XBD

Listing celebration round 2/20

300,000,000 XBD

What is X Bird?

X Bird is a coin created to realize "Elon Musk's vision of creating a social networking service linked to the blockchain" on the world's most popular social networking service.

Revolutionizing social networking
Mr. Musk described the acquisition of Twitter when it was completed.
Twitter is also known for its blue bird icon.
The Twitter icon is said to signify "freedom, hope, and unlimited possibilities.

He is changing this icon that everyone is familiar with to his own branded X,
This is a sign of Elon Musk's strong will.

X Bird is a new way to bring smiles to people's faces, more freedom, more hope, and endless possibilities that we can't even imagine by being used in the world's first blockchain-linked social network. It is also an open source cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology, a network of computers called nodes.

It is a highly secure, decentralized system that stores information as a public ledger maintained by a network of computers called nodes. x Bird's goal is to enable everyone to acquire and participate in these tokens, thereby joining the world of digital currencies.

Users of the X Bird ecosystem have access to a wide range of platforms to find turnkey solutions for their financial and blockchain-related needs. The X Bird ecosystem eliminates the need for clients to search for alternative or dedicated platforms for normal operations.

It is a currency that is highly used by people while always staying true to its origins of being the most fun cryptocurrency for people.
In essence, X Bird coins are convenient, friendly, and reliable.

X Bird Full transparency and data protection

Thanks to our dedicated staff, they dedicated to developing the best tools for our community, we have created an environment where everyone has control over the data they want to share.
We are using blockchain technology to provide all people with the protection they need and to be able to choose what they want to share with others.
A community which free speech is rewarded.
We love it when people make things. And to help them do that, we reward people who share their ideas on our platform.
We reward people who share their ideas on our platform. In the future, we will spend our time contributing to making our community bigger and better.
We will be rewarding people who spend their time helping our community grow bigger and better. We will receive X Bird coin as a reward for tips and advertising.

X Bird is a coin in support of Mr. Elon Musk!

In the 2000s, Elon Musk used the proceeds from the sale of payments giant PayPal to build the space company SpaceX and the electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla.
By 2022, he will be ranked number one on the Forbes list of the world's richest people.
He is known as a charismatic businessman who has supported Ukraine through satellite communications services and acquired Twitter, Inc.
The simplest way to describe the greatness of Elon Musk is “a man whose personal wealth exceeds the market capitalization of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Toyota Motor Corporation is not only a Japanese company, but is also a global company. Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world's leading automakers, with a market capitalization of more than 34 trillion yen.

Mr. Mask acquired Twitter because he wanted to change the current situation of too strict control over what is posted.
The U.S. economic channel CNBC has been a major contributor to Twitter's success.
CNBC, an American economic channel, reported, “In order to meet Mr. Mask's deadline, management told some employees to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week,
It seems that he wants them to work 84 hours a week without a break.
Mr. Musk, the “MORETSU” President. “MORETSU” means “too furious” in Japanese.
Mr. Elon Musk is known for his strict work ethic, and he himself is not a “MORETSU employee” but a “MORETSU president.
He is also known for being a “more-than-president,” not a “more-than-employee.

“The bird is free.”
In his own tweet, Mr. Musk described the completion of the acquisition of Twitter in this way.
Twitter is known for its blue bird icon.
It is said to mean “freedom, hope, and unlimited possibilities.

However, the word “freedom” seems to have been misinterpreted by the acquisition by Mr. Mask as a means of allowing people to harm others or to spread misinformation.

On the other hand, Mr. Musk has demonstrated unparalleled management skills by growing Tesla, an EV manufacturer, to a market capitalization of approximately three times that of Toyota Motor Corporation (as of November 7).

Some of the start-up company executives we have interviewed so far have suggested that Mr. Mask could create a new system that would allow users to manage their own postings, rather than the company itself.

We are rooting for Mr. Elon Musk to become the second Tesla, and we wonder what kind of transformation Twitter will undergo in the future.
We will be rooting for Mr. Elon Musk.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Innovative vision:

Elon Musk has an innovative vision and has launched projects that has the potential to transform humanity in the future.

Technical expertise:

He has expertise in a variety of technical fields, including electric vehicles, renewable energy, and space exploration which he has leveraged to create numerous innovations.

He has founded several companies and his management skills are outstanding, especially in leading companies such as Tesla and SpaceX to success.

Social Contribution:

He is actively working on social issues such as global warming and the energy crisis, and is taking initiatives to solve these problems.
He never gives up in the face of difficult problems and always finds new solutions.
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